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Cryptocurrency Predictions

Curtis Eggleston

Posted on April 3, 2018 19:49

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The prediction panel looks into their crypto ball.

Santa Monica, CA

March 29th, 2:15pm

After covering the basics, advanced lessons, and marketing,'s symposium moved on to Predictions, where a panel consisting of Christian Kameir, Kinsey Cronin, PJ Braham, Rob O’Leary, and Pavel Cherkashin shared their opinions on what is to come in the world of cryptocurrency.

Compared with preceding panels, this group’s presentation felt more streamlined, with aligned perceptions and less argument. They began by agreeing that if one is to invest in crypto, that person should focus on a product or company predicated heavily on blockchain technology.

If blockchain contributes for the long term (2-3 years), members of the panel stated that others would be apt to invest, as even in the precarious state of crypto, investors adamantly believe blockchain technology will flourish.

Pavel added that using AI, one can build an index for certain currencies to predict the most profitable future markets. He clarified that these would be found by indexing not the top five currencies, but numbers six through twenty (by market cap), because these secondary coins have more room to show upward growth.

Kinsey recommended that investors only choose currencies working with platforms registered to work in the crowdfunding and crypto spaces. She added that successful companies are those that apply proven strategies using the blockchain technology.

PJ had a few things to say: “Privacy is huge, so Z-cash is interesting. There is a need for a decentralized social media platform as well. Lastly, look at the team, and take them seriously. The faces behind the tech will reveal more than numbers often will.”

He also said one should look at market cap, trading volume and research to find whether or not the valuation makes sense.

Robert predicted that the newest blockchain technologies would be implemented in healthcare, and that one should invest anywhere in this sector that looks to be utilizing cutting edge tech.

The panel then moved on to debating the potential for ICOs. Christian pointed out that most investment occurs in the pre-sale, and that one has much lower potential to profit off of the ICO itself.

Kensey added: “If everyone is excited about it, it might mean you should sell it.”

“It’s all about inside trading,” Pavel said.

The panel was then asked to choose two ICOs already on exchange that they liked.

PJ: “Golem and Status.”

Robert: “Iota and ….”

Kinsey: “I’m not going to recommend any, I think Bitcoin will be $50K, but i’m bearish on Ethereum, I think it’ll be worth $80.”

Christian: “Ether, Bitcoin, just lock it away and look at them again in five years.”

Christian’s final comment proved to be the prevailing sentiment at the end of the panel. Crypto markets fluctuate dramatically as investors buy and sell at the publication of one piece of news or another.  Serious investors, he said, should pick one play and let their investment mature over the long term.

Curtis Eggleston

Posted on April 3, 2018 19:49


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