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CES 2020 Crypto Happy Hour: A fun social gathering where Bobby Lee gave everyone free non-electronic Ballet wallets

Aaron Mangal

Posted on January 22, 2020 16:23

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Well, CES 2020 zoomed by faster than you can say 'Avocado toast' but one thing remains, memories of the fleeting moments that were CES and all the surrounding events around it. One such event was the CES 2020 Crypto Happy Hour, myself and Mike Wilson, co-organizer of the Vegas Crypto Meetup put together. It was a lot of fun and unexpectedly, Bobby Lee (Charlie Lee's brother and mastermind behind Bitcoin Exchange BTCC) showed up with free metal non-electronic wallets from his new company, Ballet.


So, that happened! What began as just a social gathering for folks in town for CES 2020 and local Crypto lovers eventually became a launch pad for everyone to get some free Ballet wallets.

Coindesk also joined the party as a co-host and sponsor.

Getting our Medias on with CoinDesk doing some interviews with guests


And then there was Bobby Lee rallying the troops and introducing himself before handing out some free wallets (and also loaded people up with some Crypto):

Bobby Lee presenting