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22+ Articles on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain companies at CES 2020

Aaron Mangal

Posted on January 3, 2020 15:44

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Blockchain felt like a bit of an afterthought at this years CES but nonetheless there were still some noteworthy news items that hit the waves on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. Here is a collection of recaps, announcements and other product releases by the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain focused companies from CES 2020.

Again, it's surprising how thin Blockchain and Crypto felt this year at CES. But, despite that, there were plenty of Blockchain companies exhibiting. Alright, as promised, here is your list of articles, hand-organized via computer, for your reading pleasure:



Hardware Is Hard: Two Blockchain Devices Win Plaudits at CES 2020

MakerDAO Pitches Defi to the masses at CES 2020

Sony’s Car Points to a Future of Machine-to-Machine Crypto Payments


Here are the best blockchain products at CES 2020 [Decrypt] 

We had blockchain for dinner at CES with IBM and celebrity chef Aaron Sanchez [Geek Wire]

IBM announces app at CES 2020 that tracks coffee bean from farm to cup [Tech Republic]

These companies hope to shine at Blockchain-focused CES [Crypto News]

Bobby Lee Demonstrates Hardware Wallet at CES 2020 [Cryptopolitan]

IBM Taps Blockchain to make coffee sourcing traceable [Venture Beat]

CES Goes Big On Cyber [Politico]

Las Vegas: MakerDAO is the only crypto present at CES [The Cryptonomist]

Worlds First Blockchain Phone arrives at CES 2020 [Bitcoinist]

Facebook's Libra Shares Thoughts on Bitcoin at CES 2020 [Market Realist]

'Break up big tech' debate arrives at CES [Politico]

Bitcoin payment terminal goes live at CES 2020 [Decrypt]

Taiwan startups intro smart security solutions incorporating fingerprint ID, blockchain at CES 2020 [DigiTimes]

Circularise PLASTICS pilots blockchain technology at CES [Packaging Insights] 


Coverage in Spanish

Dos empresas blockchain obtienen reconocimiento en la CES 2020 [Cripto Noticias]

CES 2020: El futuro de los negocios y la vida cotidiana con el Blockchain [TekCrispy]

Blockchain, materiales reciclados y equipos para creadores son los adelantos para el CES 2020 [InfoChannel]

CES 2020 | Anuncian app basada en Blockchain que beneficia a caficultores de Latam [Fortune Español]


The Latest Crypto

14+ Blockchain Focused Companies Exhibiting at CES 2020


Let us know your thoughts or post below if you have any articles to share that I missed.

Happy Crypto Techin' 

Aaron Mangal

Posted on January 3, 2020 15:44


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