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  • THE LATEST is a great new place to explore what’s new and learn what people have to say about it. Our focus is on what’s happening now – and what might happen next. We particularly like ideas for what should happen next. You are welcome to chime in!

  • In order to become a member of THE LATEST community, please read and agree to our Terms of Service (see below) by clicking on “Agree.”

  • Anyone who wishes to become and remain a member in good standing of THE LATEST community agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  • THE LATEST exists in order to allow people to explore what’s new on most topics of general interest (news, sports, politics, lifestyle, etc.).

  • Only registered users, or members, can become approved content providers or post comments on our site.

  • We believe in integrity, transparency, good ideas and civil dialogue. Visitors are asked to treat one another with mutual respect at all times.

  • THE LATEST is not a place for name-calling, bad language and the like. There is never a need to make attacks on another writer or the subject being written about.

  • THE LATEST is not a place for you to send out emails or post items with a goal of selling a product or service (spam).

  • “Paid reviewers” who enter the site to praise clients or bash competitors are not welcome at THE LATEST.

  • Those found by THE LATEST or other members of our community to violate the spirit or letter of our “respectful and honest dialogue” philosophy will be given two warnings – and then, on the third violation, they will be blocked from using the site. In particularly outrageous incidents, THE LATEST reserves the right to immediately block visitors.

  • No age limit restriction is enforced. However, THE LATEST does deal with serious issues, thus parental discretion is advised.

  • Contributors have an additional set of terms and conditions they must agree to in order to join the team. Click on “Contributors” on the bottom of this page to learn more.

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