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I am originally from the Florida Gulf Coast and I have been living in the beautiful state of Georgia for the last year. Having a long career of pursuing my educational and entrepreneurial endeavors, I have always enjoyed learning about how individuals interact in the face of adversity and achieve their goals. I am also interested in how this current global market is affecting the everyday citizen. I am left leaning in my political viewpoint, but I consider myself a student of human relations and the Laws of Nature and Natures God is the foundation of my legal viewpoints. I am a linguist, “say what you mean and mean what you say,” and I fully believe that your words have unlimited power. I love learning new things from new people, and I have enjoyed many opportunities to travel to places many have only heard about. I enjoy sharing stories of my adventures, hopefully inspiring others to experience their own. I feel this has allowed me to have an open mind that is willing to understand and enjoy learning diverse perspectives. I am a follower of Christ, avid cook, Gardner, and herbal enthusiast, and I enjoying preparing meals that sparks nostalgia, and puts a smile on the face of those that eat it. I am also a big sports fan an enjoying reminiscing on my glory days of the past while enjoying watching my children grown and excel in all they do.

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